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Student Dress Code 2019-2020

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Polk County School Board Calendar 2019-2020

Clubs, Sports, and Music Meeting Schedules

Middle School consent and release(17-18))

Preparticipation Physical Evaluation MIDDLE SCHOOL 2017-18 (1)

Absences, Tardies, Early Checkouts

Cell Phones-Student Code of Conduct



Please see the Jewett drop off and pick up map for traffic flow directions.

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Community and Service is an important part of the Middle Years Program.  It is one of our Areas of Interaction.  All students are encouraged to live balanced lives and to care about others; therefore they should look for positive ways that they can help others. Students are members of many communities; such as schools, neighborhoods, and towns, and there are many ways to serve. Jewett MYP students will use their talents, knowledge, and understanding of their communities to determine how they can assist others.

Parent Letter



Jewett Academy will be holding two Student Led Conferences this year. Please mark your calendars for these conferences which will be held on Wednesday, November 16 and Wednesday, March 15. You may attend your conference any time between 7:30 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. Your child will lead the conference. She/he will tell you about the progress that they have been making this year. You will see a sample of your child’s work and she/he will explain it to you. Your child will answer your questions to show what they are learning.


Please remember:

  • Student led conferences are a time to celebrate the learning that each student has achieved and taken part in this year. It is a time to let your child shine as they take you through a portfolio of their work in their core classes. They will share work samples and personal reflections on what they have learned, and how their learning can continue to thrive and grow. Let your child be in charge, ask clarifying questions, focus on their work and their growth; not simply on the grade. Give them positive feedback on how well they have prepared and what they have shown you.
  • Please remember that this is a student ledconference and not a teacher/parent conference. If you wish to meet with a teacher concerning your child’s academic progress in a course; a conference sign up form will be available. Teachers will be more than happy to set up an appointment with you. Staff will be available to assist students and parents to ensure their experience is both positive and productive.
  • Most of all, enjoy the event and the time spent with your child.
  • We look forward to seeing every parent and student on this day.  It is proven consistently by research that direct parent involvement has a monumental effect on a child’s academic and social success. Please be sure to sign in. A dress down pass will be presented to all students attending with their parents.

Grades 6-8 Parent / Student Contract

Click here for a printable version.

By enrolling a child at Jewett Academy Magnet, parents provide their child with an exciting educational opportunity. Registration of a student indicates that parents or guardians have accepted the responsibility to provide the proper interest, encouragement, guidance and home environment to foster the best possible learning climate. For students, it indicates their willingness to actively participate in their education, to positively represent the school, to display appropriate behavior, to be respectful of others, and to pursue desirable work habits. Jewett Academy expects parents and student to comply with the requirements of our school. Please read the following expectations carefully.

  1. I understand my child is expected to attend school every day, to arrive promptly, and to remain throughout the scheduled hours of school. I agree to schedule medical appointments outside school hours. Family vacations scheduled during school hours are unexcused absences. After class absences that equal 10 days (including late check-in/early check-out), the child will be placed on probation. After 10 unexcused absences the student will be referred to the school social worker/truancy officer.
  2. I understand there will be no adult supervision for my child before 7:45 am and after 3:30 pm unless prior arrangements have been made with a teacher or staff member.
  3. I understand it is my responsibility to sign the emergency information form and to keep all information current, as to phone numbers and adults responsible for my child, and that only the person(s) I have listed on Parent Portal have the authority to pick up my child from school.
  4. I understand my child is to adhere to all Jewett Academy school policies and Polk County Schools Code of Student Conduct. Failure to follow school rules could result in disciplinary probation and/or dismissal from Jewett Academy.
  5. I understand that fighting/bullying will result in the following:First offense –Short term Out of School Suspension and automatic disciplinary probation for a year Second offense–Long term Out of School Suspension and possible dismissal from Jewett Academy
  6. I understand that as a parent, I must be supportive of my child and his/her school by attending orientation, school meetings, conferences and other school-sponsored activities.
  7. I understand it is my responsibility to review, sign, and return all homework and communications when requested. (View Parent Portal and/or Student Portal for assignments.)
  8. I understand my child is participating in a rigorous academic program and must maintain at least a 2.0 GPA overall, or he/she will be placed on academic probation, which could lead to possible dismissal from Jewett Academy. Students must meet all promotion criteria to remain at Jewett Academy (pass all academic subjects and earn at least a 2.0 GPA). (Note: School policy is to stamp “Possible Retention” on the report cards of students with any “D’s” or “F’s” or a GPA of 2.4 or below.)

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