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Mr. Arscott
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Mrs. Clark
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Ms. Donald
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Mrs. Santiago
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Pre-Algebra, Algebra
6th and 7th Grade
Pre-Algebra, Algebra
6th Grade

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Math Resources

FSA Resources

Moodle Sample Problems Organized by standard

Virtual Nerd (Great user friendly Video resource organized by topic and subject)

Arcademics (Arcade Style games that work on multiplication tables, fractions, and more)

Algebra Nation/Math Nation (District supported- Online tutorials, interactive discussion and practice problems)

Khan Academy  (Practice exercises, instructional videos, personalized learning dashboard.  Site covers math science, computer programming, history, art history, economics and more.)

Purple Math (Math homework support/tutorials/practice)

Cool Math (Math lessons, games and puzzles.  Designed for the frustrated and bored math student) World of Online Math (Math homework support/practice)  (Math challenges aligned with Florida Common Core Curriculum)