Mrs. Henderson

8th Grade Science

MYP Unit Title
Scientific Inquiry: Claims, Evidence, Reasoning
Statement of Inquiry
Statement of inquiry The Scientific Process allows us to investigate the form and function of patterns observed in natural systems.
Inquiry Questions

Factual:How do scientists use the Scientific Process?
Conceptual:How does experimental science expand our body of knowledge?
Debatable: Can the scientific process of inquiry be used to solve any problem?
Key Concept(s)
Related Concept(s)
Pattern, Form, Function
Global Context
Scientific and Technical Innovation
Summative Assessment
Students will complete: Hazardous Materials Lab - Choosing a Cleaner

Goal – Evaluate and analyse product information to determine which is best to be used in a hospital for cleaning

Role- Safety officer for Sunnydale Hospital; job is to monitor procedures and products used for cleaning the hospital

Audience- you will evaluate the products considering benefits and drawbacks of each and recommend one to purchase for the hospital. The product should be both safe and economically feasible.

Situation- As you conduct the evaluation, you will need to consider 1) the cleaner needs to be recyclable, 2) it will be stored in a locked room next to the boiler room, and 3) it will be in a cabinet that contains other cleaning product including bleach.

Product- create a written recommendation and present findings

Specifications- Your commendation should include:

State your decision (product name)

Support your decision with evidence based on product information given in the activity

Discuss the reasoning of your decision –which characteristics of each product affected your decision

Explain which factors were most important in making your decision

Lab reports – CER format

Science fair or engineering product as per PRSEF guidelines *

*Science Fair-Society for Science (Intel ISEF Rules, Ethics statement, Forms, and Resources)
**District Laboratory Safety Contract