MYP Highlights


May was MYP Reflective month: “We thoughtfully consider the world and our own ideas and experience. We work to understand our strengths and weaknesses in order to support our learning and personal development”  Teachers reflected on their students’ traits, and nominated the following six students who display and practice reflection in the classroom.

L->R Danielle Owusu, Lylah Baird, Carlos Gabriel, Maralee Thompson, Mikhaiyah Reaves and Kierra Creve-Couer

8th grade:

Mrs. Robinson, 8th grade Language Arts Teacher, nominated both Danielle Owusu and Lylah Baird.  Mrs. Robinson noted that Danielle demonstrates continuous use of reflection to think beyond what is obvious. She also shared that Lylah uses reflection to build new and useful ideas for forward personal progress.

7th grade:

Maralee Thompson was nominated by her Math teacher, Mr. Ostberg, because she has a natural ability to reflect on concepts learned in math and understand how they would be useful in real world situations.  This ability to think critically and apply concepts makes her able to easily solve the more complex word problems that many of her peers struggle with.  Fellow 7th grader Kierra Creve-Couer was selected by Mrs. Aycock, Science teacher, because she reflects seriously on all her work and is always willing to share those thoughts and help others achieve success in class.

6th grade:

Mrs. Aycock also nominated Carlos Gabriel, 6th grader, for his in-depth reflection and careful attention to detail. He does very well and is a team player. She noted “Our prosthetic leg team project required reflection at the end to assess the pluses and minuses of their projects, and his thoughts were extremely detailed.”  Lastly, 6th grader Mikhaiyah Reaves was nominated by Sr. Colon, Spanish teacher, because he noticed that Mikhaiyah was being much more reflective on her own weaknesses and strengths in Spanish class, and that this quarter she has been more aware and concerned about her progress.

As we reflect on the 2017-2018 school year at Jewett Middle Academy Magnet, we are very proud and thankful for our many wonderful, hardworking students who strive to display our 10 MYP Profile traits throughout the year.  We also appreciate all the teachers who took the time to reflect on each month’s MYP trait and submit their nominations.


Our Remarkable Risk-Takers!

L to R in Tree: Brandon Sampath and Christopher Sempert
L to R Standing: Edgar Olmos, Luis Sanchez, Dakota Fawcett & Alfredo Herrera

March was MYP Risk-Takers Month. We approach uncertainty with forethought and determination; we work independently and cooperatively to explore new ideas and innovative strategies.  We are resourceful and resilient in the face of challenges and change.”

Teachers were asked to nominate students who displayed this characteristic.  Many names were submitted, and we are very proud of all who show this skill in the classroom.  The learning rewards of appropriate risk-taking are valuable skills to bring forward to high school and beyond. Please read below about our six students selected this month.

8th graders Dakota Fawcett, Edgar Olmos and Luis Sanchez demonstrated risk taking skills in ITV, Drama and working on a Community Service project.  Mrs. Kendrick, ITV and Drama teacher, nominated Dakota for ITV and Luis for his risk-taking in Drama class this year. Mrs. Kendrick said about Dakota, “She is self-motivated and passionate about her work in ITV class.  She is not afraid of being challenged and she wants her product to be excellent. She also works with her peers offering support and direction without being asked.”  Referring to Luis, she noted that he is not talkative and outgoing in ways kids in Drama class usually are.  She said, “Luis is focused and determine to meet any and all challenges presented in Drama class, even when his peers may not because they think they will look silly.  He also works very well with his peers and does extremely well with the activities asked of him in class.”  The third 8th grade Risk-Taker, Edgar, showed Mrs. Mack, Speech & Debate teacher, how determination and taking risks offers great rewards.  This is the story Mrs. Mack shared about Edgar: “Edgar is one of my speech and debate students who started off the year not wanting to speak in front of an audience. His nerves were visibly displayed with his wet brow in class. When Edgar started his 8th grade community service project, it took him 30 minutes to get enough courage to make the first phone call. Edgar’s project included collecting basketballs for youth that play after school at the WH Parks and Recreation gym, and he was totally committed to his plan. When he ran into obstacles, he did not give up. Edgar was invited to a SAC meeting where he was asked to give a talk, asking our community for help with donations. It was wonderful to see him deliver his speech brilliantly and without anxiety. Edgar now has over $500 to purchase basketballs for the youth of WH that play at the city gym after school.  I’m very proud that he took the risk and made this happen!”

Our 7th grade Risk-Takers are Brandon Sampath and Alfredo Herrera.  Both were nominated by their math teachers – Mr. Ostberg (Brandon) and Ms. Donald (Alfredo).  Math is a subject where students are encouraged to step forward and take the risk of trying (and possibly failing) in order to stretch their understanding.  Mr. Ostberg shared, “Brandon is always bold in class when he has a question and he is never concerned about standing out and expressing his opinions.  He has a very unique personality and he is not shy to take a risk and put himself out there to make a point or express himself.” Additionally, Alfredo demonstrated to Ms. Donald in Algebra Honors class his “thirst” for math since the beginning of the year.  “I have observed him thinking and strategizing how to solve the more challenging problems.  The most remarkable encounter that I recall is when I shared the word “slope” with the class when we did functions.  The term was not introduced to the class, but only a nugget for the students to hold onto until later in the year.  Alfredo refused to just “hold” to the nugget, but he took the initiative to find out more about the term.  He shared with the class, “per GOOGLE,” that slope is y –y/ x-x and it is the same as Delta y/Delta x.  I replied, ‘Wow, HOW you know about Delta?’ He stated, “when in doubt seek GOOGLE.”  Not only did he tell about his findings, but, Alfredo was willing and bold enough to show his peers how to find the slope.  He continues to “stretch” his thinking even when in doubt.  The other students now call him “Google-Man” because he uses other resources to help provide clarity when he struggles on an algebra concept.

We also had a 6th grade Risk-Taker this past month.  Christopher Sempert is in one of Mrs. Aycock’s Accelerated Science classes, which certainly lends itself to the ideal setting to explore, examine and take risks! Mrs. Aycock reflected on Chris’s work ethic this year and stated “He always comes up with innovative ideas and asks very intelligent questions in science….especially if he doesn’t understand the material. He feels comfortable in discovering new concepts and displaying them. He is a joy to have in class.”

Well done all!

We also one teacher, Mrs. Scarvers, who states Risk-Taking is her MYP Profile trait.

Looking forward ….. April is BALANCED month.


Congratulations to this month’s MYP Profile trait students! February’s trait was Caring: We show empathy, compassion and respect.  We have a commitment to service, and we act to make a positive difference in the lives of others and in the world around us.

Front Row (L to R)  Logan Sudduth, Deeya Patel and Joel Johnson
Back Row (L to R)  William Ball, Edgar Olmos and Cameron Weeks

The following students displayed their Care and Compassion both in and outside of the classroom.

Dr. Jones, History Teacher, nominated Logan Sudduth, 8th grader because “she shows great concern and care for those around her. I have repeatedly watched her collect and organize work for students who are absent in her cooperative team. I have also seen her take the time to write down vocabulary terms so that absent students can get quickly started on their make-up work. She has a tender heart matched with a desire to succeed and help others succeed.” Another 8th grade young lady, Deeya Patel,was noticed by Ms. Kozlowski, Science Teacher. “Deeya is a very conscientious science student.  She is caring and shows this trait in how she treats other classmates and her teachers.  She truly cares about her classmates, her learning, and how well she does in class. She always takes the extra step to redo assignments to increase knowledge.” Lastly, 8th grader Edgar Olmos displayed his care for both his community and his classmates.  Edgar saw a need in the community for the WH Rec Center to have more basketballs for their afterschool program.  He put his desire to help into action through his MYP Community Service project. Mrs. Donald, Edgar’s Math teacher, also noticed that “he is very kind to others in my class, and allows and corrects the gentlemen when they do not step aside for the ladies to enter or exit the room.”

7th graders William Ball and Cameron Weeks were selected for their caring and considerate actions in the classroom.  Mr. Ostberg, William’s Math teacher, noticed that William seems to genuinely care about the feelings of others and will often times stick up for students who are having rude comments made about them.  He shared, “I also see him being a good listener to students who seem to be going through a difficult time.”  Additionally, Cameron Weeks really made an impression on Mrs. Mack recently in her Speech and Debate class. Here is the story that Mrs. Mack shared: “I have a student who has severe anxiety about getting in front of people and doing any type of oral speaking.  As a matter of fact, the student was very nervous and cried during their first speech we completed.  Fast forward to 2nd semester, it was time to get up as a part of the debate team. The student took a deep breath and came to the debate table to participate. It started off a little shaky, but I saw a smile towards the direction of the student’s group, and was curious what was going on.  I saw a sign propped up on a book bag that said ”YOU’RE GREAT!”.  This sign helped the student’s confidence, such that they did a fantastic job!  After the debate, I asked who made the sign. Cameron showed an enormous amount of compassion for his peer. He recognized a time where he could act to make a positive difference! This one act of Caring actually brought my entire class closer, and it prompted a conversation about how we can encourage each other!”  Wow!!

Lastly, rounding up the group is 6th grader Joel Johnson.  Mrs. Aycock, Science Teacher, took the time to nominate Joel because “he is so kind and caring and wants to help everyone. He has a wonderful attitude in spite of circumstances that may occur in his life.  He is a joy to have in class.”

We are so proud of these students for their Care and Compassion!

We also have two men on campus who have CARING as their top MYP Profile trait.  What a great example they are to our student body!

  • Williams,  and
  • Coach Hendry

March’s MYP trait is Risk-Taker.


Congratulations to this month’s MYP Profile trait students! January’s trait was Open-Minded: “We critically appreciate our own cultures and personal histories, as well as the values and traditions of others.  We seek and evaluate a range of points of view, and are willing to grow from the experience.”

Tristan Hendry, Nadia Billo, Cyndal Reliford, Marie Gay and Zayyan Baksh

The following students displayed their Open-mindedness both in and outside of the classroom.

8th graders Nadio Billo, Marie Gay and Cyndal Reliford were selected this month for their actions and statements.  Nadia was nominated by her Language Arts teacher Mrs. Robinson after a conversation the two of them had.  Mrs. Robinson learned much about Nadia when she shared what she has learned from her parents regarding having an accepting attitude about other’s race and culture.  Ms. Nicholson, Chorus Director, has observed Marie in the classroom, noting how she interacts with her classmates and peers.  Ms. Nicholson continually sees how approachable Marie is in class. “She is always thinking of innovative ways to connect what we do in the classroom with real people and their interests.”  Our last 8th grade selection is Cyndal, nominated by Mrs. Colon, Spanish teacher.  Senora Colon shared that Cyndal is always reflecting our MYP open-minded profile. Cyndal is very interested and ready to learn about other cultures.  “She enjoys the music of other cultures and is always open to learn about the background of these new places.”

This month’s 6th and 7th grade selections are Tristan Hendry (7th) and Zayyan Baksh (6th).  Tristan has shown Mrs. Aycock, his Science teacher, that he is broad-minded in his never ending quest for knowledge. Tristan knows that to explore and learn in science, you must think outside of the box and ask questions.  Lastly, Zayyan made an impression on Mrs. Vaughn, his Science teacher. Mrs. Vaughn observed how Zayyan consistently demonstrates tolerance and cooperation in the classroom. She said, “He is a great example of flexibility as he works well both independently and with others.”

Well done students.  We appreciate the example you are showing to the students at Jewett Middle Academy.

The following teachers also earn the title of Open-Minded as their highest MYP trait:

  • Jones
  • Rivera

February’s MYP trait is Caring.


December’s MYP trait was PRINCIPLED.  We act with Integrity and honesty, with a strong sense of fairness and justice, and with the respect for the dignity and rights of people everywhere.  We take responsibility for our actions and their consequences.

Front Left: Kwame Fenin
Back from Left: Nathaniel Eary, Mrs. Moore, Principal, Harli Fountain and Shaniya Byrd

8th graders Nathaniel Eary and Harli Fountain displayed how truly Principled they are. Here is what Mrs. Colon wrote: “Nathaniel is absolutely a student who is honest and has a great sense of fairness and justice.  Although he tends to be quiet in class, he respects all his classmates and always show his character of honesty and discipline.  Nathan takes his academics very seriously and strives to do his best all the time.”   Coach Paige nominated Harli with absolute certainty, based on what she has observed in PE class this year.  “I cannot think of a better student who exemplifies a sense of honesty, fairness, justice, respect and dignity of rights for herself and her peers. She is always willing to help where help in needed.  Harli is accountable for her actions and shows integrity.  She also demonstrates credibility and good sportsmanship.

Our 6th and 7th grade selected students demonstrated that they take responsibility for our actions and their consequences – and do the right thing.  Mrs. Mack, Reading and Speech & Debate teacher, nominated Kwame Fening (7th) and Shaniya Byrd (6th) for doing just that!  Kwame showed Mrs. Mack that he is principled in every sense of the definition.  She explained by stating “This rang very true on the last day of school before winter break. There was an altercation between two students at the bus loop. In getting down to the bottom of the issue of who did what, I asked Kwame to tell me what happened. With no regard for being called a snitch, he described the situation and what each party did to bring us to where we were.  He had other students in his ear but he acted with integrity and honesty as Kwame is all about making sure that everything is fair and just.”  A second example took place in Mrs. Mack’s Reading class, where her 10th classroom rule is “Take responsibility for your actions- #save the excuses”.  Mrs. Mack’s 6th grade nomination illustrates that we all make mistakes, but the most important thing is to learn from the mistake by taking ownership and moving on.  A few weeks ago, Shaniya made a bad choice in class. What impressed and stood out to Mrs. Mack was that “she owned it, made no excuses and did not attempt to argue with me.  She asked if I wanted her to call her mom, and I was surprised by her question and answered….sure.  I stepped outside with her and listened to her tell her mother what she had done.  This was taking responsibility.  She took both teacher and mother consequences without complaint, and she apologized without asking.  Shaniya is learning to be a more principled person by taking responsibility for her actions!”

We are so proud of all our students!!

The following teachers ALSO list Principled as their primary MYP trait:

  • Clark
  • Colon
  • Donald
  • Farthing
  • Fisher
  • Hatzer
  • Herndon
  • Leonard
  • Mack
  • McGuire
  • Miller
  • Nicholson
  • Parker

January MYP Trait is OPEN-MINDED.


November’s MYP Profile trait was Communicators – We express ourselves confidently and creatively in various ways. We listen to other perspectives and collaborate effectively with both individuals and groups. Congratulations to the following 7th and 8th graders who displayed their strong communication styles in class this past month!

Shayna Green, Jadenpaul Albay, Tikai Haney, Kaitlyn Stamey and Maralee Thompson

7th graders:

Kaitlyn Stamey and Maralee Thompson were both recognized as effective and positive communicators in class.  Mrs. Aycock noted that Kaitlyn always has a ready smile and a great attitude for learning.  “Kaitlyn is a leader and expresses herself in many ways including academically, using technology to teach her classmates new concepts she has learned.”  Dr. Jones, Civics teacher, took note of Maralee when he interviewed students at their tables. “She is very good at describing what she has learned from my assigned readings.  Maralee presents herself knowledgably, and communicates the subject matter clearly.”

8th graders:

Three 8th graders stood out to their teachers in November for expressing ideas and information in their own unique way.  Jadenpaul Albay does not hesitate to listen patiently to both the ideas and opinions of peers and adults. Ms. Henderson, Jadenpaul’s HS Physical Science teacher, observed that he “possesses and shares a large storehouse of information and experiences.  This sharing of knowledge facilitates increased classroom discussions, and often the generation of new or different ideas.”  Tikai Haney has Mrs. Scarvers for both Reading and Robotics this year. She shared that Tikai is very confident and outspoken in both classes, using eye contact and offering that big smile of his! “He uses his extensive vocabulary to elaborate his points in Reading, and uses his expressive hands on tactics, and animated voice to communicate with his team in Robotics.”  Sra. Colon enthusiastically nominated Shayna Green because of her confidence and positive communication skills.  “Even though Spanish is not her 1st language, Shayna speaks with confidence and collaborates with her classmates on material they don’t understand.”

Way to go!  You make Jewett Academy proud!

December’s MYP Profile trait is PRINCIPLED


Congratulations to our October MYP THINKERS!  MYP Thinkers use critical and creative thinking skills to analyze and take responsible action on complex problems.

Tristan Hendry, Mai Xian Liang-Danio, Chloe Blocker, Jailyn Williams and Noah Winn

Teachers nominated their MYP THINKERS, and it was very difficult to select from so many strong candidates. The following students were selected as Jewett Academy’s MYP learner profile students.

Ms. Nicholson thought of 8th grader Chloe Blocker as the ideal candidate to reflect our MYP Thinker trait because Chloe consistently pushes her peers and teacher to do their best work possible. “Chloe’s brain works so fast! Her brain is always ON, and she is getting better and better at knowing how to use it to her full advantage and potential.”

7th graders Tristan Hendry and Mai Xian Liang-Danio were selected this month as displaying strong classroom Thinking skills.  Mr. Ostberg noted in Math class Mai always seems to come to the correct answer to complex word problems by finding creative solutions. He also states that Mai shows strong abilities to think critically and analyze with ease.  Tristan was nominated by both Ms. Donald and Mrs. Aycock.  They both recognize his super “outside the box” approach.  In Algebra Honors, Tristan expands his learning of math concepts by applying them to real world situations.  In Mrs. Aycock’s Accelerated Science class, she shared that Tristan demonstrates a vast knowledge of science and is constantly questioning new outcomes and possibilities.

Our 6th grade selected Thinkers are Noah Winn and Jailyn Williams.  In Art class, Mrs. Bonadies noticed that Noah takes every instruction and comment in class to a higher level.  He demonstrates that he is continually analyzing what is occurring around him.  Lastly, Jailyn was also recommended by two teachers for her outstanding thinking skills.  Mrs. Aycock shared that Jailyn is a student who goes above and beyond to analyze new data being taught in class. In Mrs. Kendrick’s History class, Jailyn displays strong thinking skills and is also a conscientious learner.  In addition, she strives to help others in class understand the assignment as well.

Way to go students!!!   Get ready for next month!

November MYP Learner trait is Communicators.


Congratulations to our September MYP KNOWLEDGEABLE students!  Knowledgeable MYP students explore ideas and have acquired a critical mass of knowledge.  They engage both locally and globally, sharing their understanding with others.

Jalen Hairston, Sarahlee Orphe, Alexis Hernandez, Alexis Cashdollar and Jackson

Teachers nominated their MYP Knowledgeable students, and it was very difficult to select from so many strong candidates. The following students were selected as Jewett Academy’s MYP learner profile students.

8th graders Jalen Hairston and Jackson Holby made an impact in the classroom this past month.  Mrs. Colon noticed how inquisitive Jalen is in Spanish class.  He wants to learn and is not afraid to ask questions. He takes it upon himself to go above and beyond, learning new Spanish words outside what is assigned, which he then shares with Mrs. Colon and his class.  Jackson puts his knowledge in action during Physical Science Honors.  Mrs. Henderson noted that Jackson draws upon his prior knowledge, both from life experience and his extensive information from reading outside of class, to apply to projects and issues discussions in class.

Two 7th grade girls knocked it out of the park this past month displaying their knowledge in Math and Speech & Debate class.  Alexis Cashdollar was nominated by Mr. Ostberg because he noticed that she continually knows terminology and math concepts that her classmates struggle with or view as new.  Although quiet in her personality, Alexis is one of the first students with her hands up to answer questions and share knowledge in class.  Mrs. Mack is teaching a new class at Jewett Academy this year called Speech and Debate. She says “Sarahlee (Orphe) grasps the concepts taught in class quickly and utilizes skills she has learned in other classes.” She is also impressed with Sarahlee because she sees her mentoring and sharing knowledge with others in the class. 

Lastly, 6th grader Alexis Hernandez has shown Mrs. Shoffner what an incredible person he is. She notes “Alexis is always asking me if he can help others in Spanish class.  He wants to share his prior knowledge of the language with others.”  She has seen Alexis help students in a variety of ways, whether it’s with pronunciation, translating or giving his input, he always goes above and beyond to help classmates understand.

Way to go!! 

The following Jewett Academy teachers also earn the title of “Knowledgeable” as their strongest MYP Learner Profile trait.

  • Baird
  • Jacobs
  • Johnson

October MYP Learner trait is THINKER.


Congratulations to our August MYP student INQUIRERS!  MYP Inquirers nurture their own curiosity and know how to learn both independently and with others.

Bryan Olmert, Lylah Baird and Allan Rivera

6th grader, Bryan Olmert caught Mrs. Bonadies’ attention the first week of school. She noticed his curiosity and attentive eyes for every process developed and learned in class. She noted that Bryan also helps his classmates and works to find solution for class organization in Art class.

 Mrs. Aycock says that 7th grader Allan Rivera “is the perfect example of an Inquirer.”  Not only is Allan’s work in Accelerated Science class top level, but he volunteers to create Kahoots games to help his classmates study vocabulary science skills.

 8th grader, Lylah Baird was selected from Mrs. Henderson’s Honors Physical Science class because she displays a natural curiosity to learn even more than what is being taught, and is enthusiastic with a positive attitude each day.

Way to go!! 

The following Jewett Academy teachers also earn the title of “Inquirer” as their strongest MYP Learner Profile trait.

  • Aycock
  • Colon
  • Flood
  • Henderson
  • Kendrick
  • Kozlowski
  • Lippett
  • Ostberg
  • Coach Paige
  • Pascoa
  • Torres
  • Vaughn

September MYP Learner trait is: KNOWLEDGEABLE