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Grant Winners

Congratulations to three teachers who applied for and earned grants for their classrooms!

Mrs. Aycock earned the School to School grant in the amount of $800 for her classroom.  Her grant project is titled “Tip of the Iceberg” and she will purchase supplies to bring real world experiences to life with the study of buoyancy, force and the mystery of the iceberg. Students will even study why the Titanic was not quite as invincible as the builders thought.

Ms. Kozlowski earned the School to School grant in the amount of $800 for her classroom.  She plans to use this money to fund Archaeology experiments including model sets of bones that students can pull apart and practice placing back together.

Ms. Lester earned the Teacher to Teacher grant in the amount of $400.  She plans to use the money to fund “Math Games Galore”.  It is all about having a wide variety of games and activities that are interactive available to students when learning and applying new math concepts.  She plans to use all of her purchased supplies in learning centers.

Polk Education Foundation has made this possible and we appreciate all the sponsors who make it possible.


Yearbooks on sale now!


Yearbooks are on sale now and going fast! The year book will be 96 full cover pages with a hardback cover. Click here to order yours today!




Be a yearbook photographer!






Would you like to contribute to yearbook?  Now you can!  Download the Balfour ImageShare app today and be a contributing photographer to the JMA yearbook! Use project # 704694






Car Pick-up Instructions:


If your child is a car rider; please click here to see the attached “Car Pick-up Instructions”.

Reminder: please do not turn left as you exit either parking lot.  If you are using the 7th/8th grader drop-off/pick-up area, please do not turn onto 6th street from Ave. T (see attached map).  Please take 5th street and circle the block.  Some parents are waiting in line for 15-20 minutes and then cars who haven’t been waiting pull right off of Ave. T from 6th street and try to pull in front of those who have been sitting in line for a while.  Please do not pick-up or drop-off students outside the gate.  We will no longer allow students to walk outside the gates to meet parents.  If your child has an appointment and you have to leave immediately after school, please call ahead and let the school know.  You will be able to pull in the exit and park to wait for your child.  Also, it would speed up the line if each vehicle had a paper/card with your child’s name on it.  As you pull up in the car line, hold up the paper and then we will know what student to call.

Thank you for cooperation as we work to make our car line more efficient and safer for our students!

Reporting a Child’s Absence:

Every day counts

Please view our new district attendance policy.  To Report Your Child’s Absence, please click here.



Jewett is an Official IB Authorized School

confirmed clip art Click here to see the article featured in the Ledger on March 9, 2014 about Jewett Academy becoming IB Authorized.

Stop Bullying Now!

Stop Bullying

Stop Bullying Now! Take a stand & lend a hand.  

School is hard enough without having to deal with bullies, teasers, or other kids who are just mean!  So, you have a problem with someone in your class?  Are you being bullied?  Ask for help.  Click here for more information.