Online Learning Plan

Google Classroom – Instructions for Student Access.pdf

For Families:  Online Resources

Hello Jewett Middle Academy Family,

Students can access their Online Learning starting tomorrow, Thursday, 4/2/2020. 

1. Please visit our website at, then click on the Online Learning Hub.

2. Once in the Online Learning Hub, you will find instructions on how to access and join classes in Google Classroom.  We have also attached those instructions to this email.  There is also a form called the E-Learning Class Schedule that students can use to help keep track of passwords, sites, office hours, class codes and more!

3. Your child will then click on a subject area, then click on the picture of his/her teacher.  This will open up the Teacher’s Page.  The Teacher Page will give you information on Online Learning for that teacher.  It will show you the teacher’s office hours.  This is the three hour time period that teachers will be available Monday through Friday to assist students, or answer student and parent questions.   

4. There is also a link in blue that you can click on to email the teacher.

5. You will also see a list of each of the teacher’s classes with a password/access code.  This is the code that you will use to join that class in Google Classroom.  We recommend that you use the E-Learning Class Schedule form to keep track of passwords/access codes, sites, office hours, etc.  

6. Once your child has entered the class code and joined Google Classroom for each class period, he/she will be able to see all of his/her classes on one page.  Please see attached instructions.  

7. A few teachers are using One Note/Microsoft Teams instead of Google Classroom.  There are instructions on their page on how to use One Note/Microsoft Teams on a laptop or mobile phone.  These students have already used One Note in their classes.

8. Besides communication through email or Google Classroom, there are some teachers who are using Remind or Google Voice as additional communication tools. That information will also be on their teacher page.

The District Technology Team created a web page with all sorts of technology resources for families.  Please view that web page using the link above.  If the link does not work by clicking on it, please copy and paste it into your web browser.

Teachers will take attendance each day by having students answer a question in Google Classroom or another platform.  Please make sure your child is checking in with the teacher each day.

Please email if you need technical assistance.  

Thank You,
Jewett Middle Academy Administration