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Mrs. Delk
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Ms. Kozlowski
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Mrs. McClenton-Fisher
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Dr. Páscoa
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Ms. Vaughn
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6th, 7th, 8th Grade
6th and 7th Grade
6th Grade
8th Grade
(Formerly Mr. Williams Class)
7th Grade

Welcome back Science Champions!


Check out the following websites to play the Gimkit reviews. Please make sure you put your first name last initial plus your science teacher’s name and class period as your login so that you can receive credit for it.  Examples:  BettyAKozlowski8, EdwardKDelk2, JenniferCVaughn6, AndreaSWilliams1

6th Grade –


7th Grade –


8th Grade –

Science Fair

To access this year’s Science Fair resources please click here.

Resource Links

National Geographic Kids Chem4Kids Khan Academy DOE Florida ScienceAsk Smithsonian – Videos Florida Students Ed Resources NEWSELA Science News Resource Science Fair Forms CK 12 Supplemental Text ResourceScienceSpot Kidzone – Links to science topics