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Summer Science Enrichment Assignment – All grade levels

Summer Science Journal – Students will be asked to keep a science journal over the summer.  Explore how science was involved in something you have done or experienced.  Examples could include going to the beach, an amusement park, or even seeing something really interesting on television (internet) that is scientific. On the Summer Science Journal template (or you can create it on lined paper) you will write what you experienced, how it was scientific, and then you will use the science resource links below to find the support that it is actually scientific.  Complete 6 or more journal entries to start the 2019-2020 year with a bonus.

Resource Links

National Geographic Kids Chem4Kids Khan Academy DOE Florida ScienceAsk Smithsonian – Videos Florida Students Ed Resources NEWSELA Science News Resource Science Fair Forms CK 12 Supplemental Text ResourceScienceSpot Kidzone – Links to science topics


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Mrs. Aycock
6th & 7th Grade Science
Ms. Kozlowski
6th Grade Science
Mrs. Henderson
8th Grade Science
Mrs. Vaughn
7th & 8th Grade Science