Summer Learning Enrichment Program

Download the Summer Learning Letter here

Summer Learning Letter Grade 6   Summer Learning Letter Grades 7 & 8

Language and Literature (ELA)

Each incoming grade level will be assigned a novel to read. Students will select from one of six projects to complete and submit by August 30, 2019. The book selections may be found below. *Novels for incoming 6th and 7th grade students may be picked up at the front office throughout the summer months, please return your book to the office upon completion of the project. Eighth grade novels are self-selected.

  • 6th Grade –Tangerine by Edward Bloor
  • 7th Grade – Among the Hidden by Margaret Peterson Haddix
  • 8th Grade – Students will select two books from their Independent Reading Level


Don’t lose your reading skills over the summer! Read this years SSYRA books and keep a log for credit when you return next year!

SSYRA Book List

AR Student Reading Log


Directions:  Log on to Imagine Math

(5300xxxxxx for both username and password)

Complete a minimum of 10 assignments or go for the gold and do as many as you can to participate in the Summer Contest!


Summer Science Enrichment Assignment

All grade levels

Summer Science Journal

Students will be asked to keep a science journal over the summer.  Explore how science was involved in something you have done or experienced.  Examples could include going to the beach, an amusement park, or even seeing something really interesting on television (internet) that is scientific. On the Summer Science Journal template (or you can create it on lined paper) you will write what you experienced, how it was scientific, and then you will use the science resource links below to find the support that it is actually scientific.  Complete 6 or more journal entries to start the 2019-2020 year with a bonus.

Learn more by visiting the Science page:


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Stay Fit This Summer with the Summer Exercise Challenge!

P.E. Summer Exercise Challenge Pg.1

P.E. Exercise Challenge Pg. 2

Language Acquisition (Spanish)

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Students may use the following websites to review vocabulary, practice pronunciation, and practice grammar:

Individuals and Societies

Students may visit the following websites and watch the following YouTube videos to refresh their knowledge.