Testing Information

Spring Testing Information

For Spring Testing dates please download the 2018 Testing Calendar.

2018 Testing Calendar

For any questions or concerns, please contact Dr. Pascoa, our testing coordinator.

For grade specific information, such as FSA testing standards and strands, please click the grade buttons below.

FSA Scale Scores
Assessment Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5
English Lnguage Arts Scale Scores (240-412) for Each Achievement Level
Grade 5 ELA 257-303 304-320 321-335 336-351 352-385
Grade 6 ELA 259-308 309-325 326-338 339-355 356-391
Grade 7 ELA 267-317 318-332 333-345 346-359 360-397
Grade 8 ELA 274-321 322-336 337-351 352-365 366-403
Mathematics Scale Scores (240-393) for Each Achievement Level Grade 5 Mathematics 256-305 306-319 320-333 334-349 350-388
Grade 6 Mathematics 260-309 310-324 325-338 339-355 356-390
Grade 7 Mathematics 269-315 316-329 330-345 346-359 360-391
Grade 8 Mathematics 273-321 322-336 337-352 353-364 365-393
End-of-Course Assessment Scale Scores (425-575) for Each Achievement Level Algebra 1 EOC 425-486 487-496 497-517 518-531 532-575
Geometry EOC 425-485 486-498 499-520 521-532 533-575

Testing Tips

We will be busy at JMA preparing and reinforcing the skills necessary for students to demonstrate their learning. Parents play an important part in helping students give their best performance on this important test. Even though assessments are a snapshot—one single perspective – it is important that our students have every advantage to do their very best. We don’t want to cause test anxiety, rather we want our students to be as prepared as possible. There are many ways in which parents can help their child put his/her best foot forward. The following guidelines can help set our students up for success:

Throughout the year:

  1. Read to/with your child and make time to discuss what you’ve read.
  2. Encourage reading for pleasure regularly.
  3. Know what kind of homework teachers expect and make sure your child completes it.
  4. Provide a regular, quiet place for your child to read or complete homework.
  5. Set high expectations for grades and attendance.
  6. Take an active interest in what your child is doing in school. What is he or she learning? Parents who communicate daily about what their children are learning build a strong foundation to demonstrate that learning on tests.
  7. During the weeks leading up to the test, begin to talk with your child about doing his or her best. You know your child better than anyone. Emphasize the importance of the test, but remember to build confidence, not anxiety.

New Testing Resource

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Click here for more information.

Testing Schedule

Polk County School Board has approved the 2017-2018 Statewide Assessment Calendar.  Changes do occur however, be sure to check back frequently.


Florida Standards Assessments


It is important to understand your child’s FSA score as this score can be used to determine future classes. Please click here to learn more.

To view the FSA Testing and Student Placement Frequently Asked Questions, please click here.

For general information about FSA and links to FSA resources click here.

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