Mrs. Aycock

6th & 7th Grade Science

MYP Unit Title
What’s Science Got To Do With It? (Nature of Science)
Statement of Inquiry
The evidence collected from the interaction of variables in scientific investigations help us to understand relationships in our world.
Inquiry Questions

Factual:How can I stay safe when performing laboratory investigations? What essential characteristics are incorporated in all methods of science?
Conceptual:How can I use the essential characteristics of methods of science to plan and carry out scientific investigations? How can you distinguish a test variable (independent) from an outcome variable (dependent)?
Debatable: How does bias/perspective influence the evaluation of scientific results?
Key Concept(s)
Related Concept(s)
Evidence, interaction
Global Context
An inquiry into identities and relationships
Summative Assessment
1. Understanding My World- Science Fair Project
2. Unit Test of Scientific Process